Test HP Omen 15-dc0001ng: a laptop for novice gamers

Test HP Omen 15-dc0001ng: a laptop for novice gamers

The HP OMEN 15-dc0001ng is the most inexpensive “pure gaming” laptop of all tested by us. Super-performance won’t wait for it, but the battery life is incomparable.

HP offers its Omen 15 gaming laptops in various price categories. In addition to the models with the “standard” gaming hardware in this market segment, the manufacturer does not forget about economical gamers: the OMEN 15-dc0001ng tested by us is not only the most affordable option among related models, it is also the cheapest among the corresponding rating notebooks. Nevertheless, the performance here is sufficient for most games – although not on the best graphics settings.


  • low cost

  • very good battery life

  • good workmanship


  • low productivity

  • mediocre 60 hertz display

  • SSD with a total capacity of 128 GB

While most gaming laptops are equipped with a 6-core Intel Core i7-8750H processor, HP OMEN 15-dc0001ng is limited to 4 cores with a clock frequency of 2.3 GHz, which Intel Core i5-8300H has. And in terms of the choice of graphics chip, HP pays attention to the segment of low-cost technology, embedding Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti into its laptop. RAM on board 8 GB. As a result, of course, the device can still be called a gaming machine, but in terms of performance, the laptop is still located at the bottom of the corresponding rating.

Benchmarks analyzing the performance of iron, give the expected results: in comparison with the number of points obtained by gaming laptops equipped with Core-i7-processors and GTX 1060, in graphics and 3D tests, HP-device reaches an average of only one third of the amount. Only when working with office applications low-cost model can with more powerful competitors. Indicative are the results of measurements in games: in FarCry 5 with ultra-settings, average gaming laptops give out more than 60 frames per second, and the HP device reaches only 42 fps.

Mediocre 60 Hz Display and Small SSD

From significantly higher fps values, users would still not be able to extract great benefits, since the HP OMEN 15-dc0001ng has a display with a maximum of 60 Hz. The 15.6-inch screen with Full-HD resolution didn’t demonstrate any impressive results during our tests. The maximum brightness with its 232 cd / m2 is located at the bottom of the scale, but at least the chess contrast achieves relatively good performance at 193: 1. It was disappointing that the display has only 65 percent coverage of the sRGB color space. This draws attention even in games.
Test HP Omen 15-dc0001ng: a laptop for novice gamersSaving is also clearly visible in the field of equipment. As a system hard drive, OMEN 15-dc0001ng has a 128-gigabyte SSD drive. This is a fairly meager amount of disk space, considering that in addition to the pre-installed Windows 10, all other applications should also be located there. In this case, all games will have to be installed on a slower 1-terabyte classic hard drive. In addition to the three USB 3.0 Type-A interfaces, there is one USB Type-C here, but it does not support working with the Thunderbolt-3 protocol. External screen can be connected via Mini-Displayport or HDMI. In addition to the WLAN module on board, there is a network connector.

Excellent battery life, good keyboard

Despite limitations in performance, display quality and equipment, in other areas, HP OMEN 15-dc0001ng was able to score more rating points. Among all the gaming laptops we tested, it was the HP device that demonstrated the longest battery life. With an average workload, it can last for six hours, and with pure video playback, the laptop will work even 8 hours and 2 minutes. The device is not cumbersome or heavy, its mobility is first-class.
The design is a positive moment for HP OMEN 15-dc0001ng, in the field of ergonomics this model even holds the record of our rating. The buttons of the illuminated keyboard have a great height of free motion and give a wonderful feeling when typing. Only the layout will require a certain period of habituation, for example, due to the small cursor keys. If you do not use a gaming mouse, you will get a good touchpad with highlighted buttons. The quality of performance of this device is very high and makes a good impression. In addition, the laptop remains quiet even under full load.

Test HP Omen 15-dc0001ng: a laptop for novice gamersThe low cost did not bring in the leaders

The price of approximately 55 thousand rubles for a gaming laptop can hardly be “slaughtered.” If you are looking for good performance with brand quality, you can easily take the HP OMEN 15-dc0001ng. But the real leader in terms of price and quality, this laptop is not. Wanting to get more for your money, you should consider the question of a surcharge of approximately 20 thousand rubles. It is for this amount that you can get a device with a Core i7 processor family and a graphics card on a GTX 1060 chip, which ultimately will give a significant performance boost. Ultimately, the HP device can differ only in universal disciplines.