Test columns Libratone Too: Danish delicacy

Test columns Libratone Too: Danish delicacy

During the tests Libratone Too demonstrated a natural and balanced sound, and also distinguished themselves for a decent length of battery life.

Test results


  • very good battery life

  • natural sound

  • compact form


  • no aptX, WLAN and NFC

Test results Libratone Too

  • Price-quality ratio
    Place in the overall ranking
    3 of 36
    Value for money: 100
    Sound quality (50%): 88.8
    Equipment (30%): 77.5
    Mobility (20%): 79.1

In addition, these speakers are small, comfortable and compact. However, in order to take first place in our respective rankings, all of the above advantages were not enough.

Danish manufacturer Libratone is expanding its range of Bluetooth speakers and, among others, is launching a model called Too.

Visually, as is now typical of Libratone, the columns resemble the previous model – the Zipp Mini.
In this case, Too will become competitors to other columns within the range of the same manufacturer.
Reason: Zipp Mini wins Too fight for first place of our respective rating.

Getting Started with Libratone Too

Operation Libratone Too is mostly intuitive: within a few seconds a small column communicates with a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and is immediately ready for use after that.

In the measurement lab, the range of the speakers reached a good 13 meters, and the signal even overcame a closed door before the Bluetooth connection became too bad.

Other features such as WLAN, NFC and aptX Bluetooth standard will have to be abandoned. This was one of the reasons Libratone Too had not gained rating points compared to Zipp Mini. In contrast, more Too points are scored when measuring the length of battery life: speakers can play for about 20 hours.

Royal Discipline: “Sound Quality”

Libratone-TOO In terms of sound quality, Libratone Too is convincing, above all, by the natural sound.

Accordingly, you should be careful: you will not achieve the mighty bass from Too, because of the naturalness, the sound may even be a little bored.

But the detailing is at a height, and the sound stage is formed by a surprisingly high latitude, despite the compactness of the case of these speakers.

Which alternative to choose

Libratone Too is currently estimated at about 11,000 rubles. Those for whom such a cost is too high can take a closer look at our winner in terms of price and quality. This is the Denon Envya Mini, and this model also pleases with its natural and transparent sound. In addition, on board, in addition to Bluetooth, there is an NFC module, and it is also convenient to charge it via the microUSB connector.

In this case, choosing Denon Envya Mini, you will have to abandon the possibility of using the WLAN module and the MultiRoom function. But this compact Bluetooth speaker costs only 6,600 rubles.