If exercise is rather bad health

If exercise is rather bad… “Do not sit ups”

Exercise while you are healthy can prevent various diseases. The patient and family may not suffer. Even people who have not exercised for life should exercise for treatment when they become sick. Exercises include aerobic exercises such as walking fast, biking, swimming, and aerobics, and strength exercises such as lifting dumbbells and equipment.
One of the things that does not fall out is the strengthening of the waist. Strong muscles around the lower back can help prevent back pain. Sit ups, lie down, raise your legs, and back in the gym. But this kind of exercise can hurt your back.

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Chung Sun-geun, professor of rehabilitation medicine at Seoul National University Hospital, said, “It is not because your back muscles are weak, but when you use your waist too hard, the disc in your stomach is torn and hurt.” Professor Jung said, “I thought that if I strengthen my back muscles, I would not hurt my back, so I did stretching and strengthening my back muscles.”

Sit up straight and bend your back forward so that your hands touch your toes. The same is true for bending your knees and pressing your back while lying down in the sky.

Some people do sit-ups that are good for back pain, but the pressure on the disk at the waist increases, which can cause the disc torn and tear apart. Of course, if you have a very small wound on the disc when you are young and healthy, you can keep your back healthy even if you do sit ups. However, the deeper the wound, the bigger the wound will be.

To back your health, you should stop smoking first. There are no blood vessels and cells in the disc of the lower back. Smoking can reduce nutrient absorption and damage the endplate area.

Exercise in a normal posture and excessively burdened back exercise should be restrained. Walking can also help your back. Rather than walking on the floor and relaxing, you should walk with your shoulders straight and your back straight. It is also helpful to walk with some strength on the boat.