Causes of Fat Accumulation

The lack of serotonin, known as the happiness hormone, has been shown to lead to carbohydrate or carbohydrate storage. It also affects the process of regulating and balancing the hormones estrogen or progesterone that are responsible for regulating menstrual periods, pregnancy and childbearing. This can cause weight gain and make dieting methods useless.

Important Tips:

If more than three hours after you wake up from sleep and did not eat any food, the body will secrete hormone cortisol, which stimulates the body to store fat and thus increase the bodyweight when eating, so make sure after waking up to sleep a healthy breakfast or snacks such as Fruits or yogurt.

Avoid drinks or foods that contain caffeine that stimulate the body to produce cortisol.

To eat a lot of bananas, figs, white cheese, eggs, yogurt and dates in the morning and during the day because they contain the amino acid “ritofan”, which the body converts to the hormone serotonin responsible for feeling happy.

To take two cups of skimmed milk a day (for women only), because milk works to increase the beneficial bacteria inside the intestines and thus eliminate bloating and digestive disorders caused by the imbalance of the levels of hormones estrogen and progesterone before the date of the menstrual cycle, so you can keep a slim body.

It is also recommended to eat foods containing wheat, rice, barley, carrots, potatoes, apples and plums to balance the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body, which makes the body healthy and prevents the accumulation of Hun’s waist area.

Know the reasons that increase weight


One in ten women at some point in their age suffers from a deficiency of the thyroid gland. It is known that the thyroid gland is one of the most important functions to regulate the body’s need for energy and therefore the lack of its work leads to the reduction of calories burned and then accumulate kilo Fines in the body without burning and benefit from the most important symptoms of low efficiency of the thyroid gland are: degeneration and dry skin and breakage of hair and joint pain and long memory weakness in addition to obesity, and these symptoms do not come together usually and must consult a specialist doctor when feeling one of the previous symptoms to ensure the efficiency of work Thyroid.


In the science of allergies are classified as overweight eating certain foods that are not suitable for the body when eating food suffering from allergies, the reaction between the immune system and food leads to the production of histamine by white blood cells and cause histamine leakage of fluids from the veins and capillaries to the periphery Cells and fluid retention looks like fat and you just have to press your thumb firmly on the joint between the thumb and forefinger, if the position remains contained for more than a second, you suffer from fluid retention and with eating these allergenic foods increase these allergenic fluids and uh Food allergens are: wheat, eggs, bananas, and milk products and there is a simple test in which you can identify foods that cause allergic reactions have so if you feel bloating annoying as soon as you eat this food is the allergen and may lead to undesirable results in the long term.


Doctors estimate that one in ten women suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome, an injury that carries the ovaries to produce hormones in inappropriate proportions may lead to weight gain and hair growth in the body and the appearance of pimples in the face and even the absence of the menstrual cycle and suffer half of the women with this disease Weight gain is known that diet with this disease does not work and the disease is diagnosed by blood and ultrasound analyzes and is usually used pills that lead to decreased ovarian activity and its hormonal problems.


Excessive intake of salt leads to retention of fluids in the body so it is advisable to stop or at least minimize as much as possible.


It is known that depression leads to excessive appetite and enjoy eating try to escape from depression and the like.