All about Samsung Galaxy S10: features and release date

All about Samsung Galaxy S10: features and release date

The new flagship of Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S10 is preparing to become another hit for fans of top models. They collected all that is known at the moment about the “top ten”.

Has anyone managed to enjoy all the delights of the inimitable Galaxy S9? Perhaps one of your friends boasted a novelty? Not? No problem! Very soon, Samsung’s next hit will rise on the pedestal – the new flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S10, which promises to overshadow all the latest smartphones and become a new icon for all fans of portable electronics. Less than a month is left before the official presentation, and CHIP is already ready to talk about all the features of the long-awaited “dozens”.

Incredible display without bangs

All about the Samsung Galaxy S10: specifications and release dateCut in the form of bangs at the top of the display is no longer in vogue, but the idea of ​​creating a completely frameless screen continues to haunt the minds of the company’s engineers. People desperately need a selfie camera, and under it you need a place on the front of the smartphone. Retractable cameras and sliders are not an option. It remains only the most incredible solution – to make a hole in the screen for the camera. It really will look elegant and stylish. And no mechanics! Such a solution was called simply and uncomplicatedly – “Infinity O display”, i.e. without frames, but with an “O” hole.

Another feature that may be of interest to fans of the brand, is that the Galaxy S10 will be installed only one selfie camera. But in the Samsung Galaxy S10 + the manufacturer intends to go further and place as many as two cameras, respectively, and the cut will be in the shape of an oval.

In the Samsung Galaxy S10, the company was not afraid to implement another technological innovation – the speaker below the display, thus getting rid of another area above the screen. But it is worth noting all the same, that a small gap in the case above the screen for the sound output is still present.

As noted by many resources, the manufacturer has finally placed the fingerprint scanner at the bottom under the glass of the screen. However, according to some data, the fingerprint sensor remained in the same place next to the camera unit. Whether this will actually show only the official presentation. A similar technology “scanner on the screen” (or rather, under glass) has already been tested by other brands. Perhaps Samsung will ripen to the introduction of this chip already in these flagships.
As for the display itself, it, like on previous models, has rounded edges (which does not allow the use of silicone bumper and protective glass). The resolution of the Super AMOLED matrix is ​​4K Ultra HD, and its diagonal, including the frameless screen, is 6.1 inches.

New processor and gigantic memory

It is expected that the market will be released two varieties of the Galaxy S10 with different processors: Exynos 9820 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 of its own production, as was the case with previous flagship models. It is assumed that the first version will be oriented for the European market, and the second one for the American one.
As for the memory, here the company intends to create a furore and become the undisputed leader, offering at once three versions: with 256, 512 and even 1 TB of internal memory. In this case, the amount of RAM will also be rather big: 6, 8 and 12 GB (for Samsung Galaxy S10 X).

5G support
Despite the fact that in many countries and with 4G not everything is so rosy, and in Russia and sometimes 3G coverage from cellular operators will not wait (especially in areas with low population density), manufacturers are actively imposing a new data transfer standard. 5G walks on the planet and Samsung does not intend to lag behind in this regard. The new model Galaxy S10 received support for this technology, but, most likely, only in models equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processors. This point remains to be clarified after the official presentation.

New standard: three cameras

Samsung Galaxy S10 got a triple block of the main camera, located on the back of the device. Of these, the first camera is equipped with a 12-megapixel module, similar to that installed on the Galaxy S9. The sensor has a variable aperture of f / 1.5 / f / 2.4. The second optics received a 16-megapixel sensor with an aperture of f / 1.9 and a viewing angle of 123 degrees. A module with a 13 megapixel matrix and an aperture of f / 2.4 was used as the third camera.

Super-slim battery: able to charge

Novelty is able to surprise in the field of battery. Moreover, its capacity will be 4000 mAh, a record for such a thin case, the manufacturer has managed to build in the back cover an element of wireless charging. But that’s not all: the Samsung Galaxy S10 is also capable of transmitting charge energy wirelessly to another smartphone equipped with wireless charging technology. True, in this case, he himself can not be charged from the outlet.

High-quality sound through 3.5 mm jack

The company decided not to tempt fate and left in its new flagship 3.5 mm headphone jack. At the same time, of course, the modern USB Type-C port is also used here. But this model, as noted by the company, is likely to be the last, where the plug for connecting 3.5 mm headphones is still used. In the models of Note from him still refuse.

When the Samsung Galaxy S10 goes on sale

Unpacking the Samsung Galaxy S10 is scheduled for February 20, 2019, where all the features of the smartphone will be demonstrated, and by the beginning of March there will be a presentation of a more equipped model and its capabilities for data transmission in 5th generation cellular networks. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be sent to the first buyers. The cost of new items has not yet been announced, but it is expected that it will be at the level of the previous flagships of the company.