Asthma Inhaler Weight Loss Health Online Urls

Asthma Inhaler Weight Loss Health Online Urls

Why Asthma Increases with Fat Loss 

Excessive weight gain not only burdens the heart, Asthma inhaler weight loss, but also harms lung health.

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Asthma Inhaler Weight Loss Health Online Urls

An overweight or obese person's airway (hiding) accumulates more fat and increases the incidence of asthma or wheezing.

Researchers from the University of Western Australia at Australia analyzed lung samples from 52 donors killed for the study. Of these, 16 died from asthma, 21 had asthma, but 21 died from other causes and 15 had no asthma. Asthma inhaler weight loss.

The study found that as body weight increases, fat tissue builds up on the airway walls, and the amount of fat in the airways increases with increasing body mass index (BMI). Higher fat levels have been shown to alter the normal structure of the airways, causing inflammation in the lungs.

Professor Peter Noble of the team said, "Overweight or obesity was associated with asthma or worsening asthma symptoms."

"This study shows that excessive fat builds up in the airway walls, which causes inflammation in the lungs," said Noble.

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